In 2011 EOS Eco-Energy began work on a project entitled "Transportation for Tantramar" in response to a lack of alternative transportation in the area despite a large documented need for it. Previous studies including the Sustainable Sackville Plan,  Picture Port Elgin, and Tantramar 2040 all state the need for a regional transportation service.

With support from a collaborative group, known as the Transportation for Tantramar Committee, EOS completed a feasibility report entitled "Transportation for Tantramar Model: Feasibility Study". The study recommends an integrated transportation system the would include Carsharing, Carpooling / Ridesharing, and Common Transportation. 

After the completion of the report the committee acknowledge the value for continued collaboration and choose to formalize as an unincorporated network. Now the Transportation for Tantramar Network work together with the purpose of facilitating better access to current and new transportation services in the area!

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