Enterprise Carshare Sackville

2013 Volkswagen Jetta  -  80 Main St, Sackville NB
The Transportation for Tantramar Network in partnership with Enterprise Carshare have been working diligently to implement a carsharing service in Sackville. Starting March 1, 2014 community members will have the opportunity to purchase memberships and use the service. Memberships will be available online and at community membership drives.

This is a six-month pilot-project funded by Renaissance Sackville. The goal is to reach 50 active members, and to provide an opportunity for all Tantramar residents to learn more about this type of transportation. 

This is the first carshare service in the province of New Brunswick and hopes to encourage more communities to adopt this form of transportation. Carsharing is a member-based service that is available to all qualified drivers in a community. Vehicles are accessible 24/7 at a self-serve location and supports community transportation, while providing affordable access to a vehicle. Carsharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road, improves land-use, and motivates residents to walk, cycle, and decrease dependence on fossil-fuels.

Transportation for Tantramar Network
Left to right: Reaghann Lister; Julia Feltham; Mairi MacEachern; Missy Gagliardi; Georgia Klien;
Joni Fleck Andrews; Michael Fox; Amelie Jarvis-Lavoie
Regrets: Amanda Marlin; Carla Vanbeselare; Alex Keeling, Rachel Hilts
Memberships are available online:
Upcoming Membership Drives + Information Sessions

March 5, 2014  -  Bridge Street Cafe  -  11am to 2pm
March 8, 2014  -  Sackville Farmers Market  -  9am to 12pm
March 19, 2014  -  Tantramar Family Resource Centre -  10am-1pm
March 25, 2014 - Wallace McCain Student Centre (MTA)  -  11am-2pm

more dates to be announced