Strategic Plan

In May 2013 the Transportation for Tantramar committee participated in a strategic planning session to determine and outline their collective future. Strategic planning sessions help determine the level of commitment and interest, as well clarify the committee's purpose, structure, and decision making processes. Below are the mission and vision statements that came of this session.

The Transportation for Tantramar Network have a mission to find and foster transportation solutions that ensure people are able to get where they need to go, at the time that they need to be there, at a cost they can afford, using sustainable and effective mediums.

The Transportation for Tantramar Network see a future where residents of the Tantramar region are able to stay well connected to services and shops important to daily functioning, through creative solutions, and multi-modal transportation options that meet local and regional transportation needs in a sustainable and economically viable fashion.

You can read the full strategic plan by clicking the link below...